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Basic Policy on Information Security

In order to keep our own information assets and those of clients and others that we use in the course of our business safe from risks and threats, and to ensure we can carry out our corporate mission, we at Space BD, Inc. (“the company”) have established a Basic Policy on Information Security, Information Security Regulations, Personal information Protection Regulations, as well as other rules and regulations, and engage in the actions set forth below.

  1. The company shall implement any and all measures necessary to secure clients’ information assets, and shall always give top priority to preventing the occurrence of risks such as loss, destruction, falsification, and leaking of information assets.
  2. The company shall, in striving to make the most effective use possible of its own information assets, implement security measures commensurate with the assets’ importance.
  3. The company shall establish an information security organization and appoint an information security manager and staff, which shall implement, operate, and promote information asset security measures on a companywide basis.
  4. The company shall conduct ongoing information security training and education for its offers and employees (including part-time employees), and ensure full awareness of its information security policies. All officers and employees who handle information assets must comply with the company’s information security policies and carry out the obligations and responsibilities stipulated therein.
  5. The company shall maintain and improve information security through constant assessment of risks to information assets from various perspectives, taking into account technological advances and changes in the business environment, and by reflecting the outcomes of such risk assessments in its information security policies and various measures based thereon.
  6. The company shall endeavor to secure information through periodic audits of its various information security operations and appropriate corrective measures if required.
  7. The company will work to maintain an orderly internet society and contribute to its healthy development.
  8. The company will comply with laws, regulations, and norms regarding information security.

Instituted: July 21, 2021

Masatoshi Nagasaki, CEO

Space BD Inc.