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Instituted: January 27, 2023

Space BD Collaboration between SPACE x ART x NFT World renowned artist Masa Hayami’s art will be launched into space by the end of FY2023 and preserved as an NFT after returning to Earth

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Tokyo – Space BD, a leading Japanese space startup, will begin a collaborative project involving Space x Art x NFT. The project will kick off with world-renown artist Masa Hayami’s artwork launched into space and preserved as a non-fungible token (NFT) after its return to Earth.




The collaboration with Masa Hayami is the result of a shared vision ‘to create the future’, which is one of the goals of Space BD. Masa’s artwork will be launched into space by the end of FY2023, exposed to the outer space environment for approximately six months, and returned to Earth, where it will be given proof of its space journey and preserved as an NFT. In the process of creating the artwork, project participants will submit phrases or drawings themed on “What is your ideal future?” These phrases and drawings together with traditional crafts will be harmonizing and layering process and steps by Masa and completed as a futuristic artwork that will be launched into space.
The collaboration of space, NFT, and the power of art to enrich people’s souls represent a rare added value that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The project strives to bring space and the image of a bright future closer to all people.





The launch into space and the return to Earth are supported by Space BD’s “Space Delivery Porject: Return to Earth”, which utilizes the new Exposed Experiment Bracket Attached on i-SEEP (ExBAS), which is attached to the IVA-replaceable Small Exposed Experimental Platform (i-SEEP) on the ISS Japanese experiment module Kibo.


【Profile of Masa Hayami】

A future meta-artist. Incorporating Zen and Eastern philosophy, Masa takes a diverse interdisciplinary approach to create paintings, drawings, photographs, three-dimensional approaches, and digital art, and is also engaged in art using her body and hands.
Her distinctive process-based work are driven by her intention to harmonize an abstract sense of soul and life .
The act of her working on physical, using her body is a meditative, daily exercise her.
To her, as a Japanese, it’s spiritual practices.
For her, working digitally is completely different from working physical.
She feels as if she is putting together various disparate puzzles and blocks, one by one, to form a shape,which is finally completed in the form of harmony.
Masa is inspired by digital innovation and is searching for the definition of ‘Art’ in the digital age. She is pursuing her own unique ‘new Japonism’ towards the future, focusing on real/analog and metaverse/virtual world.
In addition to creating her own work, Masa also supports NFT creators and artists, NFT community,and other futuristic activities.
Masa established FUTUREART JAPON in the summer of 2022, and launched Masa NFT Bar in July 2022.


■Comment by Masa Hayami

When I was first approached about taking part in this collaboration between space, art, and NFT, I felt honored and was moved to be the first Japanese artist to be offered the opportunity to participate in such a dynamic and large-scale project. For the past few years we have been affected by the unexpected global pandemic. Our struggle with the pandemic has not yet ended, but little by little we have been returning to life as usual. I believe that this experience has given people a chance to reconfirm what matters to us as human beings and to recognize those things that we failed to notice before. I for one have felt this very strongly.
Today we see wars, environmental issues, and various social challenges. I ask myself every day how I should behave and what can I do as an artist, and how I should live as a human being, as I devote myself to my work and activities.
The artwork that will be created for this space project will involve people who possess, collect my Earth’s treasure NFT Art, and the final work will incorporate some of these works. The participants will submit their future wish or future scripts in the form of words or drawings, and I will combine them to create the final artwork. People’s wishes and love will created in a harmony, and will go on a journey to space.
I believe that the future is created on blocks that are built on top of another, one block at a time. I always start from zero without knowing the end result or what the final work will look like. I am excited to find out in what form the artwork will be returned to Earth from space. And what will happen from there… This is the beginning of creating “Future Art” for tomorrow.


■Comment by Kyohei Akaizawa, Business Development, Space BD

It is a great pleasure to collaborate with Masa Hayami on the Space project we are promoting. From the production process of the artwork, the thoughts and emotions of various people will be layered and combined and will take shape, and I am very excited to see the wonderfully unique work that will capture the magnificent, mysterious, and unknown essence of space. I hope this project will open the door to many new challenges that I look forward to take part in with the goal of contributing to the further development of the space industry.


■About Space BD Inc.

Space BD is a leading Japanese startup focusing on business development to drive the commercialization of space. Since its foundation in 2017, Space BD has provided extensive transportation methods to space and has offered a one-stop service for customers who wish to utilize the ISS and other opportunities in space by helping design a business plan and providing practical and technical support for their execution. With technology-based sales and business development capabilities as its cornerstone, and our staff with diverse career backgrounds providing comprehensive customer services, Space BD supports various private-public initiatives, business transformation programs, and educational projects. As of January 2023, Space BD’s performance record marked over 60 satellite projects and over 300 orders.



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