7th November 2019

Space BD selected by CREST ASTRA Japan as the satellite deployment service provider for “Cubit” satellite to be deployed from the ISS in 2021

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Space BD Inc. (Fukushima Bldg. 7F 1-5-3 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Co-Founder & CEO Masatoshi Nagasaki; hereinafter “Space BD”) has been selected by CREST ASTRA Japan(Okaya City, Nagano; President Mr. Nishiyama: hereinafter CREST ASTRA Japan) as the satellite deployment service provider from the ISS Kibo module. Space BD will provide satellite deployment service for CREST ASTRA Japan’s first nanosatellite “CrestP-Sat”(under the nickname of “Cubit”) .


CrestP-Sat (Cubit)

This first Cubit Project mainly aims to verify the spacecraft design and manufacturing technologies, and to demonstrate the visible light communication from the satellite. CREST ASTRA Japan plans to deploy three satellites by 2027 including this first Cubit, and to demonstrate technologies such as attitude control in space. CREST ASTRA also aims to develop its unique space business in near future.
The goal of the “Cubits Project” is to emit light from the satellite to ground, at an intensity brighter than the first magnitude star Sirius in the night sky. This can be utilized at diverse situations from the life events such as marriage proposal and wedding, entertainment and game, and as communications signal for disaster-stricken areas. Space BD is a service provider for small satellites deployment service from the ISS Kibo module. In this project, Space BD will provide an one-stop, integrated launch and satellite deployment to support the deployment from the ISS Kibo module for Cubit. The deployment is planned in 2021.
Space BD is a “space business development company”, with the mission to contribute to the “industrialization and development of space” by promoting commercial use of space. Space BD aims for diversifying applications of SmallSatellite technology to stimulate potential needs in space utilization through this unique cubesat launch mission, which is to demonstrate technology related to entertainment and disaster control.


From right to left, Mr. Sugimoto, Mr. Shiraki, Mr. Nakajima (CREST ASTRA Japan), Mr. Ohno (Space BD)



■Comment from Hiroki Sugimoto, Chief Engineer, CREST ASTRA Japan
My current goal is to make the satellite deployment in 2021 a success, and lead it to the next project. We will launch the satellite as a box full of dreams so that people who will see the light of the satellite can enjoy it!


■Comment from Kazuhiro Ohno, Manager, Marketing, Satellite Launch Services, Space BD
We are very happy to be part of this project through the provision of an integrated launch and deployment service. We will be closely working with CREST ASTRA Japan all the way up to launch and the final deployment. Space BD will keep contributing to “expansion of utilization of space” and “industrialization of space” by promoting research and development and human resource development in the microsatellite sector like this project.


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CREST ASTRA Japan is a startup company that challenges the new possibilities of the space industries with an entertainment of light in using satellites. Through satellite development, we will boost the space industries from Japan so that we can become a familiar and shining presence like a “star”.
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About Space BD Inc.

Space BD is a space start-up founded in September of 2017, aiming to become a platform that can answer any challenge in the pursue to industrialize space with a mission of contributing to the space industry such by mitigating the burden of entities concentrating on technical development.
Space BD was selected by JAXA to become the commercial provider of satellite deployment service from the "Kibo" Japanese Experiment Module of the International Space Station (ISS). The company contributes to promote businesses pertaining to the commercialization of the Low-Earth Orbit centered around the ISS, including internal and external experimental platform.

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Selected by JAXA as the commercial service provider for satellite deployment from Kibo in May 2018, Space BD will promote businesses placing the ISS as the core of low earth orbit commercialization.