Space is the last frontier for humankind, full of infinite possibilities and unfulfilled business opportunities.

Space BD is a general service provider for the space industry. It provides various services and solutions for overcoming obstacles to the industrialization of space, and contribute to developing space even further. Space BD sees space as a commercial industry, and seeks to develop it further by implementing commercial, market-driven approach.

From utilization of satellite data to space tourism, from space resource mining to space colonization, space contains infinite possibilities. But the most crucial, first step is access to space.

In this domain, Space BD provides a one-stop launch service (including deployment from the ISS), handling the all phases of a launch campaign, starting from launch brokerage to match small satellites with a suitable launcher, launcher interface management, safety reviews, import/export management, logistics support, and contract negotiation. Space BD endeavours to reduce the workload for launchers and satellite developers to enable them to focus more on their immediate development work.

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