Bring dream and commerce into space

Space, while filled with possibilities, its future as a commercial industry is still unclear.
Space BD views Space as a business domain,
bringing new opportunities to an undefined world previously described in terms of dreams and fantasies.

Space BD brings together a group of business development experts with diverse backgrounds,
connecting networks of information and people to create new business frameworks and industries.
We view Space in terms of "Concept," "Hardware," and "Market," to create infinite possibilities.
Space BD endeavors to welcome everyone on the planet to utilize Space,
a frontier providing a free, open playing field, and create new business opportunities that would never have been possible on Earth.

Without any boundaries, and shedding light on its appeal and possibilities,
Space BD will bring dreams and commerce into Space.
Who will we meet and what can we do in this free and limitless domain?
Our excitement and impulse for exploration will never cease.

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