2nd April 2018

Space BD Inc.



Space BD signs Agreement with the University of Tokyo

For the provision of launch support service pertaining to
small satellite deployment from the International Space Station "Kibo“ module
for the purpose of technical demonstration


Tokyo – April 2nd 2018 - Space BD, a private space start-up company based in Japan, announced today that signed a work subcontract agreement with the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences of University of Tokyo where Space BD will provide launch support service to deploy the small satellite developed by the University of Tokyo, from the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo".


■ Work Summary

Space BD is a start-up company founded in Sept 2017 with a mission to contribute, as a service provider for the space industry, to the development of the space industry by contributing to reducing the burden on businesses requiring technology development, and expanding commercial opportunities for new technologies.


Space BD and the University of Tokyo reached an agreement for the subcontract agreement to provide a launch support service and deployment from the ISS “Kibo” module for the technology demonstration mission using small satellite developed by the University of Tokyo. Specific support activities include such as acquisition of deployment slots from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), contract management, technical interfacing, safety review, verification of conformity review, and the overall project management.


Space BD will continue to strengthen its function as a service provider in the space industry, and will contribute to stimulating the commercialisation of space, and advancing space technology development.


■ Comment from the CEO

代表取締役社長 永崎将利

We, Space BD, consider space as an industry, and our aim is to function as an effective, niche service provider for companies needing technology development, to contribute to developing the space industry.


Only the “Kibo” module operated by Japan has the capability to deploy small satellites from the ISS, and we believe it’s a valuable asset for the advancement of small satellite technology and the provision of demonstration mission opportunities. For this capability to truly work, public-private partnership is one of the crucial factors.


We will continue to strive to promote the use of the "Kibo" module, and to foster further technology development activities through support projects such as this one for academic institutions.




■ Corporate Profile of Space BD

Company Name Space BD Inc.
Management Co-Founder & CEO / Masatoshi (Masa) Nagasaki
Head Quarter AIOS Ginza 6th floor, 8-17-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 JAPAN
Founded September 1st 2017
(Changed name from Nagasaki & Co., Ltd which had been founded on 5th September 2014)
Capital Stock JPY109million(including capital reserves)
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Space BD Inc. AIOS Ginza 6th floor, 8-17-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, JAPAN